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Martha's 8th - Video - Day 116 - Open/Private

[Martha looks oddly happy for her. Not as happy as she should, but she's not moping.]

Right. How would everyone feel about a variety show. I'm a storyteller, I know someone who plays music. Anyone else have a talent they would be willing to share?

[Private to Ellen]

If there are people willing to do this, is there any chance you'd allow us space in your pub?
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Oh! I'd love to take part, if you'd have me? Who else d'you know who plays music?
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Oh, well, now I feel a little stupid. Somehow I assumed you meant somebody else. But of course, I'd love to perform! I'll keep my ears open for anybody else who might participate.
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I just assumed you were secretly a talent scout.

[He's grinning.]

Tell me when and where to perform?
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Thanks! I'm flattered to be included!
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I pretty much already volunteered you. Thank you for proving my good judgment in at least one area.
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I'm flattered! And your judgement isn't as bad as you think it is.