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Video || Day 77

[Welcome to the semi-smiling visage of Riley, Kore.]

Hey. It's me, obviously. Um, I was just thinking since there's new people arriving here and I know I haven't actually gotten to meet about half of the people currently here, maybe we could have a sort of... bake out?

I'm planning on going fishing today, so I could plan to grab enough for anyone wanting to come. I'd really like to see who's here that's willing to try to get together to figure out what exactly is going on and what we intend to do about it. We might be stuck here, but there's no reason we have to be secluded while we are.

[Except for hunters. Dean, this means you.]

I just think we might want to start acting a little more like we're all stuck here together instead of having ulterior motives or ones that, you know, completely screw with people when they go and do things by themselves.

[This might be directed at the Doctor and anyone involved with the event that had her freaking out like any animal during an earthquake/natural disaster. She was very not happy with you.]

It may be ridiculous to ask, but, hey, why not, right? If anyone wants to come, please do. If not, that's just more fish for me.
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I don't think I've met you yet, or a lot of people here. This sounds like a nifty idea! Where and when should I be showing up? [Don't mind a little coughing over the link.]
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[He looks sheepish over the lack of introduction on his part.] Sorry, Markus Rathbone. Or just Rat. I know where the park is. Is this going on now, or later?
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I'm not picky, and I'll be there. If I can find any food to bring, I will.
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Thanks! I like you already. [He grins, half teasing. He likes people by default, with or without the bribe of food.]
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[He chuckles, although it makes him cough a little.] Thanks, I think.
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Nah, just breathed a lot of smoke during the... [He waves a hand, because there's no good word for what the Doctor and Dilandau did.] the other day, when there was fire in the woods.
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I was assigned to watch for bears, and runners... nobody warned me there would be fire.

[He knows. Really he knows.]
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It... was part of the escape plan... [He gives a wheezy sigh.] Never mind, Yeah, I'll be okay, I think.
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I... guess I'm learning that. This was the first time, I've only been here a couple of weeks.

[He really doesn't need anybody else to tell him it was a bad idea, though. He's figured that out just fine on his own, thanks.]
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[He'd appreciate the sentiment if he wasn't feeling sort of stupid for getting himself into that mess.]

I'va had worse, but yeah... [He manages a weak, sheepish smile.]
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Thanks. I'll be there.

[And he will, although he feels badly that he's got nothing to bring but himself and his guitar. At least maybe he can provide some music.]