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[ video - backdated to Day 76 ]

[ Donna looks and sounds exhausted. ] Is everyone safe and sound and in one piece? So much for the epic plan to get us all home... Speaking of which, has anyone seen the Doctor? He disappeared. Like, literally, vanished...

Maybe it worked? Maybe he got outta here. I reckon it's more likely our not so pleasant hosts snatched his skinny butt though...

Does anyone need plasters or bandages or tea?
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At least... he got out? Do you know if everyone else is okay? [The narrow face on the screen looks a little tired, and he has to break off to cough, but he looks pretty intact. No need for bandages over here.]
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I don't really have any medical knowledge, but if we need an extra pair of hands for anything, I'm fine... [It's about all he has to offer, at the moment.]
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If this kind of thing happens a lot, maybe we should establish a system for headcount, after...
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I guess I'm never sure who's in charge of anything here.
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[He gives a wheezy, unhappy little laugh, and a weak smile.] That's not very reassuring.
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I'd heard he exists, but I've neither met him nor heard any announcements from him, and that doesn't speak well for his leadership qualities.
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[His eyebrows rise.] And you're sure he's not one of these... scientists?
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You... don't sound nearly as concerned about that as I expected.
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I guess they can probably listen in on the wristwatch radios?
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They look so unlike the cameras I'm used to, I guess I sometimes find them easy to ignore. It's not as if I do anything worth watching, anyway... but I do realize it's foolish of me to forget about them.
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[He coughs and grimaces.] On the other hand, maybe it's a relief to forget about them from time to time.
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...Are they in the alleys, too?
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Ngh. Guess I'd better check.

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