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006/Audio/Late Day 79

I've had a thought, Kore--because I do that, occasionally, when I'm not too busy drinking. We've had a lot of new arrivals turn up injured lately, and also a number of re-arrivals with nasty wounds. What about a few of us volunteering as a quick-response group for these occasions? A welcoming committee for the bruised and bleeding, as it were.

I don't know whether the infirmary is equipped for overnight stays, so someone will have to inform me. I'm afraid to go look. If not, maybe some sort of temporary shelter would be appropriate, as well.


...And on a completely unrelated note, could the person who's been painting murals of birds around town pretty please come forward? I want to shake your hand.
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I didn't know we actually had something set up! I think that girl Elizabeth was going to try to get some medical supplies... from somewhere. You might want to make sure she knows, so they get to the right place.

I don't have any medical training, but I'd be happy to offer myself as an extra pair of hands if I can be useful.
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Hunh. I guess I'm just still learning about the place. And... she is. She's very sweet. [Elizabeth seems younger than she is, to him, and brings out his fatherly instincts even though he's never been a father.]
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I'm not sure if that makes me feel better about it, or not. [He grins anyway.]
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[He laughs.] They never stay half full for long, though. But sure. We're all lost together, here.