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Shiala | Video | Day 81

Is this... recording?

[She thinks so. Whatever this device on her wrist is, it might as well be a spear, a bow and arrow, a flint knife for all she knows what to do with it, but it's the only thing she has at hand that might be able to send a message. She'll try this, at least. She's calm, but frowning faintly.]

My name is Shiala, from the Zhu's Hope colony on Feros. I'm currently on an unknown planet and may require assistance, as I've been brought here against my will. My last known location was Illium. If you receive this message, please send help.

[She pauses, staring at her wrist for a moment, looking vaguely frustrated.]

Goddess, how do I turn this off?
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[When a face appears on the screen, it won't be a familiar one. But it's concerned and a little apologetic.]

There's... it's, well, the people here are okay, and we're all lost together. I'm not sure where the place you mentioned is, but this is Cape Kore.
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Sorry, I barely know how to operate that thing, but we all have one. I think the point is we're cut off, here. I've been told there's some scientists who've trapped us here, and access to wherever we come from is cut off. [He looks sorry to be telling her all this.]
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I really don't know, I'm sorry. This place seems earthlike to me, but I'm biased, because I've never been anywhere else.

[Is he really talking to an alien? Things here just get weirder and weirder. It's like he's hit his head and landed in an issue of 'Weird Tales'.]
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I'm sorry if it sounds bad, but you've got that about right. I've heard there's a mayor, but I've never seen or heard anything from him. People seem to band together here, though, it's pretty democratic with no specific leader.
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"I'm not sure. Somebody pretty powerful escaped recently, I guess. I'm sorry I don't really know or understand the details.

[He's a little under-equipped to talk to a space-lady, when nobody's even set foot on the moon yet, where he's from.]

Markus Rathbone. Or just Rat. This isn't an ideal situation, but most of the people here are nice!
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[If only he knew how wrong he is about the escape part, but he smiles to give her hope.]

You're welcome. You can always call on me over the 2-way wristwatch thingy if you need anything.