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Third Drink | Video | Day 97

[Ellen doesn't look real happy. She's not, but normally she's a bit better at hiding it.]

New batch is out of the still but it's weaker than the last one. If anyone wants a bottle, stop by and pick it up.

[She sips water out of a glass. She's got other things to say.]

We're going to need things to run through the still. Rice, oats, cornmeal, frozen fruit, anything that can be run through the still.

If you find anything in the forest, dandelions can be used to make wine, too.

[She almost turns it off, but stops for a second.]

Also, got a haunch of venison, if anyone's willin' to trade for it.
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I don't have much to trade, but a few cigarettes. I'll look for dandelions, and I could use a drink.
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Will do. I... think I've seen you around, when I was playing in the bar. I hope the guitar didn't bother you...
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Thank you, ma'am. It's like a taste of the old days, even if I don't have a band anymore.
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Thanks! I honestly didn't know somebody was living there. Now I feel like I've been trespassing, up 'til now.
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Swell! Tell me the right time, and I'll be there! I'll even do the dishes.
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I don't ask for more than that.

[He'll be there, before sundown, guitar slung across his back. He looks a little rough around the edges, and as if he's been sick recently. When he comes in he has to duck the door lintel.]
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[He's noticed the symbols before, but never been sure what to make of them. They're meaningless to him.]

Hey. Oh wow, that smells fantastic! [His enthusiasm seems genuine.]
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Sure, but is there anything I should do to help? [He unslings the guitar and sets it carefully on the bartop, at the far end where it'll be out of the way. The warm welcome is more than he hoped for.]
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[He rolls his eyes and grins, settling on a stool and pulling the guitar into his lap.]

I was offering actual work... any requests?

[It'll take him a moment to tune up, but he's listening at the same time, open and friendly.]
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[He considers a moment, tuning up and playing a couple of idle riffs as he thinks. Then Rat bows his head over the guitar with a little smile, and starts up a more coherent tune. His voice is a little rough, a smoky baritone, and he's clearly an experienced musician.]

I walked into a beer tavern
To give a girl a nice time,
I had forty-five dollars when I enter
When I left I had one dime.

Wasn't she a beer drinkin' woman?
Don't ya know, man don't ya know?
She was a beer-drinkin' woman
And I don't want to see her no more.

Now, when I spend down to my last dime
She said, 'Darlin' I know you're not through'
I said, 'Yes, baby doll
And the trophy belongs to you'...

((Beer Drinkin' Woman))
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[He lays a hand flat over the strings, stilling them, and looks ceilingward.]

Mmm... Delta blues. We don't get much of that, up toward Chicago-way. [His smile is apologetic.] And I'm not sure I'm that good, anyway. Rhythm and lead guitar all in one is a good trick. But I'll give it a try... He did write 'Sweet Home Chicago', but did you have a specific song in mind?
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[His eyebrows rise, but he's got the sense not to ask. Rat does watch her thoughtfully, though, long fingers moving on the strings again. Strumming slowly, he starts with a hum and plays.]

You better come on, in my kitchen, 'cause it's going to be raining outdoors...
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[Just because Rat is an excellent musician doesn't mean he expects that of others. He's just as happy to have an audience who wants to hum with him. When the song's done, he fiddles with tuning and an absent melody, but pauses when a heap of food is put in front of him. Either he rarely gets enough to eat, or he's one of those people who just puts it all away in a pocket dimension, because he's built like a beanpole. At 40-something, the first one seems more likely.]

That's... a lot. Are you sure?

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