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Dean Winchester | 003 | Day 73

[ If Dean looks a little worse for the wear, he doesn't care. No, really. He doesn't care so much that he's here and doing his job as a co-leader of the building crew, so there, take that, Raphael and Gabriel.

It's vaguely uncomfortable speaking to everyone like this, but Dean wants to get this project moving. He clearly needs something to keep him busy other than antagonizing angels. ]

Okay. So, this place is a miserable dump, but I figure if we try to rebuild the diner as much as we can, we can be miserable while eating pie in a slightly less dumpy dump. Every town has to have a greasy spoon, right? Bar's great and all, but where do you go for 3 am drunk food?

[ He slides over his notes and glances over them. ]

Tony, Erik, and me'll head up the construction team. Tony's gonna put together some blueprints for the structure. I've got... Jubilee, Meyer -- [ Heh. He glances up at the camera. At least Meyer didn't get his revenge by attacking Dean in the woods with cartoon creatures. ] -- Lansky, and Wallie Smith. But we're going to need to do a lot of cleanup before we can really tackle the rebuilding, so we could use some more hands. I'm talking clearing out the rubble, sweeping up glass, making it a halfway safe work space before we start going in there and seeing what's left to work with.

Speaking of stuff to work with, there're some garages around town. If you just want to scavenge your houses and sheds or whatever and donate whatever tools you find and don't want, that'll help.

Eventually whenever we get this thing up, we can talk about stocking it. I'll leave it up to the hunting/fishing and the farming crews to help there. If people want to cook there for people, that'll work too.

Talk to me, Erik, or Tony if you wanna get in on this. Let's field of dreams this mother.
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I've got a pair of working hands. Just let me know when to show up!
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[Rat is good natured about nearly everything.]

A little. I've worked some as a day laborer when they needed an extra hand or two, under the table. Markus Rathbone. Or just Rat.
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[He gives a lopsided little smile, because he knows it's not a great nickname, but it's stuck with him so long. Rat is one of those people who's learned to take what he can get in life, so in that regard, they probably will get along just fine.]

Yeah, medical supplies seem to be a much-needed commodity around here, anyway. I'm from nowhere special. Michigan.
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[Rat gives a quiet little snort of amusement, but he's grinning. It's good to talk to somebody who seems to be on roughly the same wavelength.]

Hard to say, but a lot of people seem to drop in here injured. I haven't been around long enough to know if injuries are common after that...
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About a week ago, I guess. This place looks like a ghost town, but I'm still meeting new people. [He's been lucky enough to miss any major traumatic events... so far.]
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[He smiles weakly.] I've had enough of downtime in my life. It feels better to be productive in some way.