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✘ Jo Harvelle | 001 | Video/Possible Action | Day 74

[The young woman peering into the camera looks more than a little worse for wear, her lower lip split open and the side of her face streaked with dried blood. She rakes her hair away from her face, revealing a long but shallow cut on her forehead, no doubt responsible for at least some of the blood, though there's too much for that to be her only injury.

She rubs the heel of her hand against her eye, grimacing as she sets her jaw, giving a quick, anxious glance over her right shoulder before turning her attention back to the video feed.]

Whatever's going on, I'm not laughing. If there's anyone out there who can offer an explanation, I'm all ears.

[A communication device meant that someone had to be out there listening, didn't it? Honestly, she doubts anyone thinks this is some kind of joke. She's pretty sure she hadn't made it out of that hardware store alive. So what the hell was this?

It wasn't like any afterlife she'd ever imagined.

She looks hesitant, biting at her lower lip for a moment before speaking again.]

Mom? Sam, Dean?

[They'd been there. They couldn't have gotten far before -- well. Before this. It was worth asking, wasn't it? Whatever was going on, she'd feel a lot better knowing they were in this together. Or maybe it really was some kind of run-down afterlife. Maybe she really was alone.

God. She hoped not.]
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[Oh no, another one who's dropped here looking like they came through the wringer. Rat feels luckier each time, but also increasingly worried that they don't seem to have a good medical clinic on hand.]

You okay sweetheart? I'm not sure what medical supplies we've got here, but do you need help? [The face is middle-aged and worried, and 'sweetheart' was not meant to be in any way patronizing.]
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Your mother is here? That's... [Well it's not good, probably, because it's not good for anybody to be here, but he's relieved to hear she's with family for the sheer sake of her security.]

Good. It's called Cape Kore. Has your mom been here long? She might know more about it than I do, honestly. I've only been here about a week.
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I've only been here about a week. Whatever else is wrong with this place, though, all the people I've met have been nice enough. There's a lot to be said for that.
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But you're okay? Your mom is there?

[He's another one of them, and he wants to make sure she's got help before their conversation ends.]
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Okay, you stay safe? And my name's Markus Rathbone, you can use the 2-way wristwatch thing to call on me if you need any help, all right?
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I guess it's not, but I'm one too. [He tries to look reassuring.]