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Martha's 3rd - Video/Action - Day 98

[To anyone who has been to the clinic when it was still there, that's where you'll see Martha when the video opens up.]

In an attempt to be of some use around here, I'm opening up the clinic again. I have my credentials from Royal Hope Hospital in London circa 2008. I also have experience treating non-humans thanks to some travel in both time and space. Most recently, I have gained experience as a field medic.

For anyone who has been seeing Dr. Barrett as your physician while here on this island, you may keep seeing her. But more doctors are always helpful.

If you have any questions or would like to sit for a physical, you may talk to me here or come visit the clinic. If not, that's perfectly fine too.

[Of course, baseline physicals would be much better, but she's not going to push anyone. Martha wants to be trusted above anything else.]
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I... don't have much to trade or anything, but I'm having trouble shaking this cough, and I... well. I feel like I've been hit by a truck, but Balthazar seems to think I was abducted and returned, so I guess that's probably all that is.
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[There's a lot of goodwill and helping each other out, in this town, but he prefers not to assume.]

Thanks. I... guess I'll head over. You're doing a great favor to the community.
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Best reason there is.

[He shows up a few minutes later, an absurdly tall, lanky, shabbily-dressed figure that ducks in the doorway a little. He's middle-aged, a little too skinny, and with the worn-down look of somebody fallen on hard times, but he's got a friendly smile.]

I'm sorry, I... don't think I even caught your name. I'm not up to snuff, I guess.
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I've been... well, a friend of mine thinks I was abducted... I might've missed some stuff. [He shakes his head a little, and offers out a very large hand.]

Markus Rathbone. Or just Rat. It's nice to meet you.
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[He drops into the chair, and rubs his face a little. Since he woke up back in the alley, after possibly being abducted, he's felt like he got run over by a train, but saying so to a doctor seems less useful than specifics. He probably looks a little like he's been through the wringer, anyway.]

Yeah... ever since- well, I guess maybe a month ago, I was in the woods when there was a fire. I got out okay, but there was a lot of smoke. I only have about one cigarette a week. They're in short supply around here, anyway. I guess... it would do me good to drop the habit completely, but... [He smiles weekly, apologetic.]
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I didn't notice it until after the forest fire. Were... you here for that? It was weeks ago though. [He gives a few wheezing, rattling coughs, a kind of accidental demonstration.]
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[He grimaces and looks sheepish, but really, it's silly to be embarrassed about coughing at her when that's what he came here for. The question gets a nod, and he sits up straight helpfully.]

It's not so bad I can't sing, but it's getting annoying.
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[He sits up straight, and tries to breathe slow and steady, but his back aches when he straightens, and he's clearly trying not to cough by the second deep breath. There's a rattling there, but it's all upper respiratory and fairly mild. Still, trying to breathe through a bunch of mucus is no fun.]

((OOC: Wasn't thinking anything too awful, but he could have an upper respiratory infection or something. Also, smoking is bad for you kids!))
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I don't... smoke that much... [He starts, then sighs and coughs with a grimace, relaxing into a slouch again. Rat is one of those tall people who's learned to be a little apologetic about it, at least in his body language.] Yea-yes ma'am. And thanks...

[He gives a lopsided little smile.] Haven't had a hot shower in years. That part doesn't sound bad at all.
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[It's hard to quit in any day and age, but it's true that he smokes as little as he can bring himself to, just because cigarettes are a luxury when you can barely afford food.] I'll try it after I leave here. Uhm...

[He rubs the back of his neck, and looks a little sheepish.] I don't know. Just... there's nothing else weird about me, right? A friend thinks I was abducted by the scientists who run this place...
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I've run out before... [He shakes his head and sighs, because he knows just quitting completely is long past due.]

You know, when I was a kid, doctors used to recommend some cigarettes when you had a cough... If you're willing, I guess it might be a good idea. I haven't seen a doctor in a long time. [He's apologetic and sheepish about that.]
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I've... noticed a lot of people here seem to be from a later time... [He's not sure how he feels about that, still.]

Should I take my shoes off? [The soles are worn down so far it probably doesn't matter, anyway.]
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[Getting an accurate read on his height may be tricky, as he comes in around six-foot-eight, or 2.032 meters. At 182 pounds, he's definitely on the skinny side for his doorframe-ducking height.]

It was nineteen-forty-nine, where I came from... I guess I have met a couple of guys from an earlier date, but everyone else here seems to be either ahead of me, or from some alternate dimension...

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