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009 | Video | Day 115

[Balthazar appears in the feed looking bored and restless. He's run out of alcohol, in point of fact, and he's stressed about it. The cure, obviously, is conversation.]

Kore. I've decided to follow in our dear Castiel's wingprints, albeit belatedly. Believe it or not, I'm an angel of the Lord. And the handful of you who didn't already know that are welcome to ask questions.

For everyone else: did you know that the meter of 'Amazing Grace' is such that it can be sung not only to the traditional tune, but also to the tunes of both 'House of the Rising Sun' and the theme song from Gilligan's Island? [How does he know this? It may be better not to ask.]

I'll prove it if someone insists, but you'll be sorry. This vessel isn't built for singing.
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I'm not sure I know those last two. Is your voice good enough to teach me those?
[He's hungry for music, now that the only music he ever hears is his own.]
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Bessie? Sure. I mean, don't damage her, but you're welcome to teach me a song on 'er!

[He named it, so yes he is attached.]
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[Even over the video, he looks a little sheepish.] Willie gave her to me, after... well. It's a long story. Meet you in the garden in a bit?
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Not a good story, really. But I'll see you there.
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We'll mourn the loss in song.
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