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007 | Audio | Day 95

I'm back, just in case anyone was wondering; it's possible you weren't, of course, since I have no idea how long I was gone.

But someone has clearly been watering my garden, so thank you for that! And the radishes are ready.
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I'm... sorry? Wait, the garden is that far along already?

[He's sounded better, too.]
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Heheh, thanks? [It's a weak sort of laugh, but tactlessness doesn't generally bother him.]

I've been... I must've been sick. Wouldn't I remember it if I'd been somewhere else?
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I've felt better. Alley by the old general store. I'm... I'll be okay, just feel like I've come out of a bad fever or something.
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He's easy enough to find. In fact, there are hints he's camped out here for a while, junk strategically piled to make a little bit of shelter. Rat sits smoking a cigarette and looking generally rough and a little ill. When he sees Balthazar he gives a weak smile, though. "Hey... you said you've been gone? I didn't really get the chance to ask if you're okay."
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It's what he's used to. The place has been abandoned for a few weeks, though, even if Rat himself is in denial about having been temporarily abducted.

He does look a little embarrassed, but tries to cover it with a few coughs. "They were kind of all occupied last I checked... but that was... a while ago, I guess. I'm okay. It doesn't get that cold nights, or I'd worry about Bessie." Granted, some of them only had single occupants, at the time, and they've lost some people since then.

He can't help eyeing the coffee can, curious. He's felt better, but he's only just now realizing he's kind of hungry.
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"I thought... they pretty much stuck to the woods?" He's genuinely surprised by this revelation, because he's been lucky so far. He'll accept the can, though, putting his cigarette out carefully. It's best to smoke them down to the end, since they're a rare commodity around here. "I'm sorry about your sister. Are you sure that's okay with... whoever else is living there too?" He opens the tea first, unaccountably thirsty.
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He looks sheepish. "I... wasn't trying to play bait or anything. It seems safer here than in the city I'm used to, that's all." He nibbles a cracker, guilty and awkward. "But if you have a spare couch or chair for a night or two... maybe I can shake this..." He gestures with a half-eaten cracker, "whatever it is. I didn't get the license number of the truck."
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"But... I'd know..." It's the meekest of protests, because he's coming around to believing Balthazar, now. He just doesn't want to. Rat rubs a hand over his face, feeling like he's been chewed up and spat out. "But... thanks. A couch might do my back a few favors, and I did want to see that irrigation system finished. Sorry I got distracted helping with the diner."
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If it hurts, he doesn't show it, just gives Balthazar a grateful little smile. He's not in any great hurry to get up, though.

"Everything I own is in Bessie's case." He nods at the guitar case, sitting open nearby. There are definitely some odds and ends tucked in around the guitar itself. "How... do you know you were gone?"
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"I exchanged a few messages with people, after, but then I must have dozed off again and..." He passes a hand over his eyes and frowns. "Nothing. I woke up again, here. Didn't see anything too strange in that."
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"Sounds familiar." He gives Balthazar a wink as the angel gives him a hand up. He hasn't been tackled, exactly, but Balthazar was pretty quick to come fuss over him and that's good enough in his book. He'll accept the help, too, stiff and sore and wincing a little as his back protests. It might be that something was done to him by the scientists, or it might just be that he's getting a little old to be sleeping in an alley, without blankets.

"No coffee? At least I got a smoke in. This place is hard on the vices." He coughs a little, massages his lower back, and reaches to collect the guitar case that holds his worldly possessions.
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Rat rolls his eyes, because he's taller than pretty much everyone, and it's damn inconvenient. He winces picking up the case. Tackling him might end badly, because he aches like he's recovering from the flu.

"That... would probably be marketable, around here, but I should probably quit, myself." He's never quite lost the cough since the forest fire, and he knows the cigs aren't really doing him any favors.
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It's all just idle chatter, washing over the haze of aches and disorientation, as far as Rat is concerned. He's really not interested in anything stronger than tobacco and whiskey. "...Yeah, okay. I mean, if you don't mind? Just feels heavier today..." He smiles weakly at Balthazar, willing to let him take the hard guitar case.

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