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video | day 74

[ Because she's still trying to get the hang of this thing (she much prefers to talk to people face to face if she's going to talk to them), Elizabeth's expression is determined and a little frustrated when she comes on the recording. It takes a moment - and then she figures out that she's recording and looks pleased with herself. ]

Hello. [ A pause, as she pulls the camera back away from her face. ] My name is Elizabeth. I've met a fair few of you, before. [ She speaks a little louder than she would normally, if only because she's so used to the distant and crackling way recordings generally sound in her time. ] I haven't been able to find a way out, like I promised, but what I can do is try to help in the best way that I can.

[ She has no idea how she's going to show this, since she has to use both hands to open the tears - so she doesn't quite yet. Instead, she begins to pace, walking slowly back and forth along the sand of the beach. ] Is there anything that the people here need? Supplies, maybe, such as bandages or ammunition. Or anything, really. I can bring it through.

I can't exactly promise that all of it will be in good condition, or that I'll find it at all, but I have to do something.
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I'm not sure how you mean to get them, but having a stock of basic medical supplies on hand seems like a very good idea. People seem to keep showing up here injured.
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I've heard food is low. Smokes might be nice, but that's a luxury.
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Smokes and guitar strings seem like trivial requests, under the circumstances... [He looks sheepish.]
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Really? Uh, well, guitar strings would be nifty, if you come across some. I'll take whatever I can get, but a full set would give me a sense of security.

And I'd definitely take a pack of cigs. Is there anything I can do for you in return?
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[He laughs.] It's a deal. Although I'd be happy to teach you more songs just for their own sake, too.
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[He looks a little sheepish, but flattered.] I just miss teaching. And I've been hanging out near the bar...

[Look who doesn't have a house yet, oops. But with the communicator watches it should be easy to meet up.]
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[He should probably take up residence somewhere, sooner or later, but he's so used to living on the street that it feels perfectly normal to him by now. There's less to worry about, in some ways, in Cape Kore.]

That's an excellent quality to hold onto. [Rat grins. He's a firm believer in lifelong learning.]

Sure. It makes a good place to meet.
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Thanks! Meet you there. [It's just a stroll down the street for him, so he'll be waiting when she gets there.]