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02 | video | day 77

[ Guess who doesn't look quite so happy? Okay, she hasn't been happy since she got here but the more she hears the less happy she is. Especially when it doesn't come with explanations ]

I've got two problems. Other than being here. [ And other than the other problems ]

So everyone keeps talking about how we don't have much food, and that we'll end up being cannibals, but no one is saying anything about actually getting more food.

[ Does that worry no one? Is she the only one with priorities? Until she asks she'd probably think yes. So she's asked ]

I for one am not eating anyone. [ Not unless you're- Okay. She probably wouldn't- definitely wouldn't go cannibal on even the hottest guy ] And even if people died we'd still run out. [ And she wasn't advocating killing anyone either just pointing it out ]

So. Is anyone else even concerned? [ Bring your explanations and plans and everything she's not yet been told minus the food scare ]

Second. For everyone who says I've been here before? That wasn't me. That was some other me. [ She's totally going with Veronica's explanation thank you Veronica ] But. [ For the ever curious: ] I want to know what you know. About me- other me. Preferably now.

[ That's it. You can go now, unless you want to give her any kind of information? But she's done ]
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[Have an unfamiliar face on the screen, a skinny, beaky-nosed middle-aged man who looks sort of apologetic by default.]

I've heard there are people hunting from the woods, and I've spoken with somebody who's part of a gardening project, so there are definitely efforts being made already. We're also next to the ocean and I know some people have been fishing successfully. I'm not sure I'd listen to anyone who tells you we're going to resort to cannibalism, because under the circumstances that seems alarmist.
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I haven't taken a head count, but the last person I met who'd been fishing had enough for herself and her friends that she was giving away the extra.
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Well... no... my point was that everyone is sharing. As I said, there's a gardening project people are pulling together on, and people hunting to keep us supplied. I don't know much about getting food from the wild myself, but I'm trying to learn, and I'll be happy to share whatever I grow or gather.

[He's not sure why she seems so set on pessimism when he's trying to tell her everyone is contributing, but then a lot of people seem more alarmed about the situation than he is.]